Subscription Offers

Subscription Offers

Subscribe with us now on  and become a part of the club. If you are serious and want the perfect support of our experts than the subscription is just what you need! The relationship between the members of the team is based on a long cooperation.

Before we sell our matches, most of the times they are checked and analyzed and chances for mistakes are very small. Our tips are based on the world informations for injury players, suspended players, doubtful, financial situation at the club, forms, line up, formation and etc. Follow us, cooperate with us and earn a lot of money.


#1 Subscribers receive 100 % proven information

#2 Subscribers receive 24/7 support

#3 Subscribers receive their games in a plenty of time for combining them with other personal games.

#4 Subscribers get expert advises and directions

 This offer include one match per day with odds over 2.00.

We send the match on your e-mail.

1 Week, 6-7 matches, odd 2.00-5.00, only 50€

2 Weeks, 12-14 matches, odd 2.00-5.00, only 80€

1 Month, 22-26 matches, odd 2.00-5.00, only 130€*

2 Month, 48-52 matches, odd 2.00-5.00, only 200€

1 Year, 300-330 matches, odd 2.00-5.00, only 700€

Contact mail :

*Suggested offer. More than 90% win rate.




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